Hampden is a small town located some 5km North West of Eudunda, in the Mid North of South Australia.

Once s thriving township at one time having a hardware store rivaling those in the district (including Eudunda’s), services such as a post office, telephone exchange and deli. The a railway station, was busy, not just with trains for Eudunda, Robertstown and Morgan but for loading of bagged wheat and other grains and supplies for the Southern towns and supplied unloaded for the town. The Station was also a valuable passenger service, where famous Australian author used to cycle as a boy, to catch the train to Kapunda to study at High School and return again at night to home on the farm.

Hampden was one of the highest railway stations in the the state, and the cutting from the station on the Eudunda side was a favourite spot for young and old to enjoy a steam engine puffing away as it went underneath.

Hampden is now a sleepy relaxed town with farms surrounding it, yet the town can still boast all residences being occupied, and in more recent years having the Lavender Federation Trail broach the edge of it.

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