The area of Robertstown has a unique landscape, encompassing a varied topography, rainfall and vegetation. It is situated where the north Mount Lofty Ranges rise out of the edge of the Murray flats. From the environmentally significant Tothill Range in the west ( 696 m above sea level and 500 mm rainfall ) the land falls in a series of steps, crossing Goyder’s Line to the Murray Flats ( 100 m above sea level and 250 mm rainfall )

The flora of the district changes dramatically from west to east. The Tothill Range has many rare and threatened species. The table land area is sprinkled with towering red and blue gums and a diverse understorey, whilst the flats contain mallee, bluebush and saltbush.

Robertstown Today:

Why not visit?

(Robertstown Community Centre)

Email Address:
Opening Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 8.30am-5pm and Friday 9am-12.30pm
Bank available Wednesday and Thursday only.

  • Broadband for Seniors
  • For many of your business stationery needs
  • Centrelink Access Point – able to sight proof of identity.
  • Bank SA Agency Wed 9am – 4pm & Thurs 9am – 4pm
  • Photos reproduced, enlarged etc.
  • Slides printed or converted to DVD format.
  • Video Tapes put on to DVD’s
  • Photocopying, Laminating, Business Cards, Labels etc
  • Vinyl Records & Cassettes
  • Vinyl transferred to CD’s.
  • CD/DVD to CD /DVD copies
  • Video tape to DVD
  • Home of the ‘Robbie Roundup‘ – Rounding up the news from Robertstown, Point Pass, Bower, Brady Creek, Emu Downs and ALL THE WAY TO Worlds End.
  • Craft Shop/Internet Cafe ‘Robbie 5381’ (more details below)

Robertstown War Memorial Community Centre website

There is a lovely green park, BBQ and well kept toilets also available at this location.
It is also the site of the Robertstown War Memorial.

Goods for Sale:
Home Made …………
Chutney Pickles Jam
Home made tomato Sauce
Sewing aids…… cottons, needles
pins, ribbons etc.
Large and small Honey.

Robertstown Op. Shop
Open Wednesday and Thursday 10.00am till 1.00pm
Fill a bag for $5.00 with clothes
Lots of new stock arriving
Come for a cuppa and a chat.

Railway Park
A great spot to visit, walk around what was once the Railway yards, now landscaped with native plants. There is also an information shelter with very informative graphics and stories. Well worth the stop.

Lehmann’s General Store
March 2012 marked a significant time in Robertstown’s history in that the store has been operating for 100 years and remained almost unchanged in character. 1st April 1976 Merv Lehmann bought the store and it is still a family operation of Merv, Rhonda and Cheryl Lehmann continuing to serve their community.

The store is a favourite to visit for tourists as well as being an essential local service for the community. Often overseas tourists drop in to buy something and to talk. You can still visit and purchase from their General Store today. In fact ABC radio personality Peter Goers spoke of the store when opening the Eudunda Show in 2008 and described it as a trip back in time and he loves visiting there.

Inspiration Point Lookout

Call at Robertstown and ask about visiting Inspiration Point, a lookout with magnificent views to the East over Robertstown.

Robertstown History:

In 1868, the government divided the area into blocks, calling the town Emuville, however once English and Germans settled into the area, John Roberts soon opened a general store and post office, applying for a post mark ROBERTS-TOWN, and so the town which had never been gazetted, received it’s official name.

Check out the Robertstown website at


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