Lew Job 2 Day Trial Robertstown

Officially called the Lew Job 2 Day Trial, the ‘Robby 2 Day’ is Round Three of the South Australian Reliability Championships.

For 2024 it runs on the 8th & 9th June with the main control at the Robertstown Oval

Robertstown 2 Day Trial 2013 - Jamie & Cody ReeseRobertstown 2 Day Trial 2013 - Jamie & Cody Reese
Robertstown 2 Day Trial 2013 – Jamie & Cody Reese

Velocette Motor Cycle Club based in Adelaide is the promoter.

June 8, 2024 – June 9, 2024
Starting Saturday and Finishing in the afternoon on Sunday

The first competition rider will leave main on Saturday Morning.

Robertstown Oval, Robertstown Road, South Australia 5374
Cost: Free to Spectators, Competitors costs apply
We do encourage everyone to come along to the Robertstown Oval and have a drink and a meal,
which is put on by the local ‘Southern Saints’ Sports Clubs to raise funds.

Velocette  Event Organiser – Michael Kerin – 0417 293 579

The ‘Lew Job 2 Day Reliability Trial’ will be run as one event over 2 days, each day consisting of approximately 6 hours in duration. start and finish will be at the Robertstown Oval, Saturday will be Day/Night format Sunday will be Daylight only.

Points are awarded to this event for the South Australian Reliability Trial Championship

Spectators welcome as it is a great event to watch, and local sporting clubs do the catering at the Oval.
Camping and Catering at the Robertstown Oval

The event runs into the Saturday night making it a great experience for riders preparing for the Hardi 24 Hour Trial.

If you are attending the event in any capacity, please drive or ride carefully, rember that most of the roads are gravel and may involve mud if wet. Don’t forget to support the local caterers at the Robertstown Oval.